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Blue Jays Weekly is a podcast that’s everything Toronto Blue Jays!

Join hosts J.C., Ryan and The Angry Producer as they chat about the week that was and what’s coming up for the Toronto Blue Jays.

WARNING: Blue Jays Weekly is uncensored. So you may occasionally hear a naughty word or two.

Blue Jays Weekly is recorded Sunday nights at the ROCK 97.7 Studios in Grande Prairie, AB. New episodes will typically appear on BlueJaysWeekly.com and iTunes on Monday mornings.


You can follow Blue Jays Weekly on Twitter @BlueJaysWeekly

Meet The Hosts



J.C. is Program Director and co-host of ROCK 97.7‘s Afternoon Show in Grande Prairie, AB. A life-long Blue Jays fan transplanted from Ontario, J.C. still makes it home a few times a summer to take in ball games at Rogers Centre.

Favorite Blue Jays Memory: Being at Game 3 of the 2015 ALCS when the Jays tuned up Johnny Cueto. He was also at Game 4 but we don’t need to talk about that one…



The Angry Producer


Ok, so the photo above isn’t actually The Angry Producer. His identity is kept hidden. He is a real person though and he really is a producer at ROCK 97.7 in Grande Prairie, AB. You’ll know who which one The Angry Producer is on our podcast because he’s likely to be the one swearing and he’s also the one that knows nothing about baseball other than how to bet on it.





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